Care instructions & tips

How to care for your Midford schoolwear

To ensure your Midford garments are cared for in the right way, care instructions are provided on all Midford labels which are attached to every Midford item of schoolwear. Please follow the care instructions to ensure that your Midford products always look and feel like Midford quality garments.

All of our fabrics are rigorously tested for imperfections, durability, and colour consistency. Not only do our products meet Australian Schoolwear Standards, all Midford garments are regularly reviewed by our Quality Control team to ensure all garments are of the highest possible standard.

If you have any questions about a Midford garment, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team toll free on 1800 TEL MID (835 643).

Helpful Hints

To keep your Midford schoolwear looking great even longer here are a few handy tips from our in-house Design and Product Development team.

  • Where indicated on Care labels, all Midford garments should be washed separately before use. This helps to soften the fabric and remove folds from when the item was packed.
  • If you use a gentle machine cycle to wash your Midford garment, once dried hang the item in the bathroom. When you have a shower, let the steam simply remove the creases, instead of ironing them out.